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AGE                  Called Over The Hill. But many Americans said I seem 35years old.
HOBBIES              Hiking on steep mountains.
                            walking wild areas with nobody but animals only except snakes.                            
                            Sometimes wild monkeys tease me "Hey coming a weird!" rocking the trees.

JOB                      Engineer about electrical and mechanical.
                             To break new machines for investigation. 

ENEMIES               Smoke. So I want to shoot a water gun to the smokers. 
                              Alcohol drink.
                              Golf links in Japan. Because they ruined beautiful forests.
                              So I tried sowed Ohio dandelions at the fields.
                              Meetings. Because it's sleepy and smoky for smoking.
                              Parties with alcohol. 

FRIENDS                Global. Future. Peace. Young. Friendship and Nature.

REPENTANCES       I have worked with prosperity of Japanese economy.
                                  So I wasted energy and polluted environment.

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