Tour in Yosemite 
My wife and my son and I enjoyed hiking in Yosemite National Park.
We had the tour in Aug. 8th until 15th 2003.
My son who is living in Sanjose helped our tour and others.
When we departure Japan a big typhoon was coming near. Fortunately we was able to took off airport.
Our plane had 30000feet, we had no more worry. 
We bought discounted ticket, so the plane had to stopped by Hong Kong and then to San Francisco.


View of downtown in San Jose.
It was a nice town because there were many sunny days and seemed safety for daily life.
Farmer Market in near San Jose.
There were a lot of fresh vegetables and flutes.
Symbol of San Francisco the Golden Gate Bridge.
It was the best view point.
We saw sunset at west coast.
It was a few time which was able to feel turn of earth.
Let go Yosemite.  
There were a lot of fans.
It was a great view.

Entrance of Yosemite.

Huge rocks and big falls.

Caution! wild bears.
Hike on mist trail to a fall.  
Dry air and sunny sky.
We drank a lot water.
View from trail.


We reached top finally.
Hike to the top.  
A strange tree.
A terrible point.
We saw a trail 3000feet under where we are there yesterday.
Top of the mountain.
360degrees view.
Sunburned we all.
How huge tree.
A wall picture at hotel.

We had an emotion.

Someday we want visit here.
A hike with thin air because here is 9000feet high.
May lake, it was calm view.

We want to visit again someday.

Vine filed in Napa.
It was a great tour, we very thanks our son.